About Giù la testa!

My name is Andrew Donovan. I am a writer of poetry (and the occasional fiction), currently living and studying in Gainesville, FL. My favorite punctuation mark is the em dash (—).

Translated from the original Badass.

The purpose of this blog—if a blog can be said to have purpose—is to chronicle fits of lit-nerd rage (in the form of the occasional criticism) and wax pseudointellectual on the issues of craft, translation, graduate studies. I am also appreciative (and maybe one day generative) of film, music, comedy, comics, and philosophy—don’t be surprised to see these topics explored here as well.

This blog is not about the effacement of the self, but don’t expect me to be myself. This blog isn’t about my personal trials, row with mental health, weight loss campaigns, or year-end list chest-beating. I save those things for the Ovidian reflecting pool of Facebook.

The blog takes its name (Giù la testa!) from the brilliantly grandiloquent (maybe even flawed—maybe) Sergio Leone film of the same name (better known as A Fistful of Dynamite or Duck, You Sucker! in the U.S.). Google translates the phrase as “Your head down!” All of these transmutations suit the “purposes” of this project as I attempt to explore my subject matter thoughtfully while avoiding the inevitable shotgun wedding of the incendiary and self-conscious qualification.

This blog may contain swears.


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